We have provided the answers to your most frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions please contact us on 01840 212832

What do we mean by “non status” ?

We lend solely on the value of the property. We will lend up to 65% of the 90 day value of the property. We are not concerned with:

  • Income multiples
  • Credit history
  • CCJs
  • Business plans
  • The intended purpose of the loan, save that it must be for business purposes.

In addition, we welcome background information and this would usually include redemption statements etc.

What types of property do we lend on?

We lend on all types of property except filling stations, development sites and properties where the value is based on hope value. We provide funds for commercial property. We are not authorised by the FCA but can lend on unregulated residential properties. Please note that this website deals with commercial property only. For further details on residential, please contact us.

Have we really only got one basic requirement?

Yes. We will lend up to 65% of the 90 day value of a property. That’s it, really.

Do we lend on leases?

Yes, we do, as long as they have a capital value which usually means a term of at least 50 years and a ground rent only

What about short term leases?

Most short term leases where a market rent is paid do not have a capital value.

Do we lend on second charge?

Our primary security must always be a first charge. If there is insufficient equity in the property, but there is additional security available, we may take a second charge as back up security.

Do we have a valuers’ panel?

No. We do have valuers we use in most parts of the country. We do not operate a closed panel. We will select or need to approve the valuer if one is already involved. We must instruct the valuer direct.

Do we lend in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

We do not currently lend in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Do we lend on property outside England and Wales?


Who will we lend to?

Individuals, companies (personal guarantees required), partnerships, trustees of clubs, friendly societies.

Do I have to use an application form?

Initially you are more than welcome to contact us by phone or email but if the case is acceptable in principle we will ask you to complete an application form using the online form.