How we work

    • You can contact us by telephone, email, fax or via our website with the proposal details.
    • We aim to confirm as soon as possible whether or not we can help. If you have not already done so, you complete an application on-line or by fax.
    • If a valuation has already been carried out, we will need to see it. If it is acceptable to us, when the time comes, we will instruct the same valuer. If, however, there is no valuation available we will wish to instruct our own nominated valuer, who will then contact the borrower direct to arrange access and payment of his fee.
    • We will issue an offer letter, usually, before we have visited the property (see below) and it will be subject to that visit. The applicant has seven days in which to accept the offer.
    • We visit and view all properties offered to us as security. This enables us to understand the case more fully beyond the initial information provided and, in addition, speeds up the overall process. This is particularly important if there are any complications to overcome. One or more of our directors will travel to inspect the property. To cover the cost we require a £500 inspection fee. We ask that this is paid by debit card over the telephone.
    • Our solicitors will contact the borrower’s solicitors. Depending on the case, they may do so prior to our visit and receipt of the valuation.
    • Two of our directors are experienced commercial solicitors. All our legal work is carried out swiftly. All communications will be dealt with on the day they are received.
    • Funds are available immediately and will be advanced as soon as our solicitors are satisfied. If the borrower’s solicitors have a full set of searches etc available, completion can take place within 48 hours.
    • If the broker charges a fee, we will (subject to the borrower’s prior approval) deduct this amount from the advance and pay it to the broker on completion.

Additional Points

  • We choose and instruct our own valuer at the borrower’s expense.
  • The borrower will need their own solicitor, preferably one who understands this type of business and who can work quickly and effectively in the interests of all concerned. The firm must have a minimum of 2 partners. The borrower’s solicitor will need to do searches and may wish to have money up front in the interests of speed.
  • All our offers are time limited to 28 days from receipt of our valuation.
  • We will require personal guarantees for company loans.
  • All loan offers are for business purposes and only secured on property where less than 40% of any property is occupied or intended to be occupied by the borrower(s) or their family members. As a result the loans are not regulated by the FCA.

Your Data and Our Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. View or download a copy of our privacy policy here.