About Us

DCS was established by Dugald Sproull and Peter Cameron in 1983 as a fully non status commercial lender.
DCS has been lending money secured on property throughout England and Wales ever since.

The only true long term non status lender

We believe DCS is the only true long term non status lender. By this we mean that we lend based on the value of the property alone. We can lend up to 65% of the 90 day value (that is a valuation by a Chartered Surveyor confirming at what figure the property could be sold if it had to be sold within 90 days), or of the purchase price, whichever is the lower.

DCS loans are open ended so, unlike a bridging loan, there is no set date for repayment and, as long as the borrower pays the interest, he or she can keep the loan for as long as desired.

We are able to assess the case both from an underwriting and legal position very quickly and tell you whether or not we can help.

All our offers are time limited so they have to be completed within 28 days of receiving the valuation and our solicitors will move very quickly.

Broker Support and Case Management

Brokers are important to us and your primary point of contact will be Laura Jones who is our Business Development Manager. Laura will be well known to many of you who will be used to dealing with her and her swift and “no nonsense” approach to dealing with cases. She will quickly be able to tell you whether or not we are likely to be able to help and you can contact her in the first instance by clicking here or by telephoning her on 01840 212 832 or mobile number 07720 097 614. Once an offer is made and accepted, Laura’s job does not end because she will liaise closely with the solicitors involved in order to keep everybody informed as required.

Meet the Team

Here at DCS we have an experienced and hard-working team ready to look after your requirements.